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    Conversation That Converts: How To Create Real Money In Your UX Design

    June 23, 2016
    First impressions last, and if you are a user experience (UX) designer, you would know first-hand what that really means. UX designers care about the look, the swag. But only because they care a lot about users and their preferences. They also care about the brand and how it will send its message across, how it will enhance experience and engagement, and how it will make money, of course. User experience web design has evolved over the years. As websites were turned into apps, e-mail into in-mail, and blogs into social media posts, it was imperative for UX design to also embrace the change. But while UX design tools have become more sophisticated, the goal has remained the same. A research from the Oxford Journal stated that the goal of every and all user experience principles is to “improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.” The investment of a digital marketing agency for UX design is well-warranted. Companies know that a professionally-designed digital platform will bring in the likes, shares, and comments. They know that it enhances their audience’s experiences which translate in conversions and actual profit. How do you do it? Here are seven actionable ways to win at the UX design game. Who are you Designing for? Be in the mindset of the user. Only by really understanding the people you are designing for will you be able to create a great web design. Have a persona of the target market in mind. Are they young, mostly women, mostly men, loves to shop, active in social media, online shoppers, etc.? With this, you will have an idea of how your design is supposed to look and work, and what needs are there to satisfy. Know who you are designing for so you would also have a clear idea of your deliverables. Make it easy In achieving a conversion-based UX design, it is important to put the user first. Designers are online most of the time and they can tell a good UX design from a bad one in just a few seconds. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a regular user to identify pain points and eliminate them. Make navigation simple. Style is important but never compromise functionality. Make sure that everything that the market could possibly want (products, promos, contact, etc.) can be easily located. Avoid repetitive tasks. Stop making users re-enter passwords all the time or going back to the main menu just to find themselves starting all over again. Bring Out the Beauty Of course, the look is important. First impressions last, after all. Design should appeal to your target market and must be easy on the eyes. Don’t saturate your audience with too much of the good thing. Remember to push branding while doing the layout, picking a theme or a font style. Always balance look with functionality. It is also important to be consistent and forcing the user to

    Yoast SEO vs. All In One SEO Pack – Which One Is Better?

    June 7, 2016
    For a new website owner, SEO can be overwhelming and confusing. One wrong step and your website can land in the sack of other millions of uncharted sites, never to be found by any user. However, using WordPress to build a website has its own benefits including the availability of hundreds of thousands of free WordPress plugins that can be used to extend or improve the functionality of your site. And using these plugins to optimize a site for search engines is no exception. WordPress offers two most popular SEO Plugins – Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. It has become a common practice for WordPress Website owners to use one of these two plugins for SEO. But how do you decide which SEO plugin to use for your website? Well, today’s post takes a closer look at these plugins and compare them on the basis of their functionality, features, and various other factors to make the decision of choosing the best one easier for you. Introduction Yoast SEO plugin: Yoast SEO Plugin, formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast, is one of the most popular and preferred SEO plugins that was developed in 2010 by Joost De Valk. With years of updates and improvements, Yoast SEO has become an invincible and powerful plugin that powers millions of WordPress sites. All in One SEO Pack: Developed by Steve Mortiboy and Michael Torbert, All in One SEO Pack was launched in 2007 and has managed to earn a huge client base. The plugin has been downloaded more than 27,754,451 times till date. Installation and Setup It takes a lot of knowledge to understand and successfully integrate SEO plugins into a website especially for those who are not tech-savvy. Thus, it is important for an SEO Plugin to make it convenient for novices to install and configure the settings without having any technical knowledge. Yoast SEO: In order to get started with Yoast SEO, you need to first install and activate it. Once you have activated the plugin, you will have plenty of options to configure. However, the plugin makes it easy for you understand these settings and configure it accordingly by prompting to start the tour that takes you from one setting to another. Yoast SEO plugin’s settings page has various different sections where each section further has different tabs. Therefore, it’s pretty easy for users to find the necessary settings in the Yoast SEO settings page. Also, in case you are stuck anywhere during configuring the settings, you can always click on the purple Help button to watch a video tutorial. All in One SEO Pack: Just like Yoast SEO Plugin, you need to install and activate this plugin. All in One SEO Plugin offers a menu item which holds All in One SEO Pack’s settings. It showcases all its settings on a single settings page, which may look overwhelming for some users. The settings page is divided into various different sections, where each section has a specific

    Top 10 Futuristic Mobile App Design Trends That Will Matter Soon

    April 28, 2016
    Today’s modern consumers demand more mobile accessibility from their brands where it is easy to browse the latest updates and products. People now spend a lot of their time on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is the need of the hour for these business brands to provide their users with a pleasing app to hold the attention of the consumers to buy their products and services. This is the reason apps have become increasingly powerful to keep up with the more advanced options this power provides. Developing a mobile app is now becoming a cool story. But with the latest visual designs that are impressive is some element that really connects with young users. It is important to adapt with the latest trends that may look amazing on every device be it iOS or Android. So, here is what the future might hold for all mobile apps. 1) Growing Demand for Mobile Apps With the growing demand for apps, the future trend will have custom user experience at its center and might soon be the main norm. There might be few features that will include responses but the biggest focus will be on easy navigation. Big Data and Analytics can help in creating better user experiences which will also include authentication strategies for security reasons. 2) Diffused Backgrounds Use of diffused backgrounds will be the new trend one would expect in a mobile app. It will enable designers to make the call to action button viewable and accessible with a clean and simple style, which in return can generate more returns to one’s business. 3) Smooth Navigation One should keep in mind to place all elements of navigation and menu carefully. The Apps with their clear typography, clean interface, and simple aesthetics are in lot of demand in today’s market. Easy drop down sub menus or menus sliding out from the side of the screen will do it better for consumers to find the content, information or service they’re looking for. One can expect that seamless navigation will deliver a smooth, uninterrupted, relaxing, and friendly end-user experience. Creative use of swipes and other gestures like Peek and Pop are also becoming more popular among app platforms, enhancing the visual appeal of any mobile app. 4) Micro Interactions Micro interactions are the key features of an app design. It allows users to feel something or reach out to another user or object instantly. As feedback is the most important part of the micro-interaction cycle, it helps to create engagement, contribute to the resulting function that this app is a vital part of their daily lives. Thus interaction is a must-have design element that you can’t ignore. 5) Eye-catchy Fonts In the near future, app designers will need to resurrect the big and bold fonts that has the capacity to give life to even the ugliest of apps. Fonts need to be scalable to fit in every screen that can be easily readable. Context awareness is an element in mobile apps that

    Ready To Launch: Important Services For New Website Owners

    August 10, 2016
    There are many individual items in play when launching a website besides the notion of snagging a domain, setting up hosting, designing the site, filling content, and promoting the work. Going on behind-the-scenes and off to the side are services that keep the front-end moving along. The back-end needs services include: On-going design & development Tech support Advertising/marketing opportunities Content creation Sales & customer service You should see the website not as a portal for information but as a business; where different ideas and services come together to create a great experience for those visiting (and may intend to buy). Technical/Hardware Support Being able to pick up the phone and contact a local business/company that provides technical services that could have you back up and running with an in-person visit is far easier than aimlessly waiting to hear back from technician’s hours behind due to time zone differences. Example: The site and office hardware falls under a DDOS or equivalent attack. If I were in the area, I’d do a search for IT services in Ottawa and get the support I need right away. Place yourself in that scenario and see if you want to wait around as you’re losing money from the site and hardware being down (plus the financial repercussions if attackers gain access to your private data). On-going Design & Dev Times change and you’ll get the itch to make adjustments to your website as you see the competition try new strategies. Having an individual or team on board to aid in the design and development of the site should be in your rolodex. Example: I know that web design matters and one of the most important areas is the branding. Having someone that can quickly develop new designs, landing pages, capture forms, or experimental plugins can keep my brand in the spotlight and pressure on the competition. You may not need this individual or company at all times so consider working with a freelance client that’s flexible to your needs (check Freelancer, UpWork, oDesk, Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, or others). Advertising/Marketing Scaling the reach of the website will hit a point of difficulty when you begin competing with the larger influencers and players in your market. Example: PPC, email marketing, and social media campaigns are the bread and butter of building a brand & audience on the Web. A good percentage of your expenses should be spent on these services. Services are crucial because these areas require a massive understanding to which you may not have the time nor energy to pursue. It’s probably best you let the experts handle the technical and creative aspects of the advertising/marketing so you can remain focused on the products and services. Content Creation The base content (your typical blog posts and content that fills the main areas of the site) can easily be done by you or in-house help. It’s when you begin to expand and want to explore ebooks, video, podcasting, infographics, and interactive content that you may want to seek professional services. Example: I know I could

    Designed To Sell: An In-Depth Look At Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features

    August 10, 2016
    2016 marks an exciting time to start an online business. With real estate and overhead costs soaring for many small business owners, creating an eCommerce website offers a viable alternative to brick & mortar businesses that have to rely on traditional marketing as well as word-of-mouth tactics to get customers in the door. The eCommerce market grows year by year and is estimated to be worth $3.02 trillion in just three years. However, while you may be itching to start your online mom & pop store or boutique, there are a few essential components that can not only drive revenue but keep happy customers returning for more! Defined Branding According to The Atlantic, there were fewer than 3,000 websites online in 1994. By 2014, that number swelled to over 1 billion. That’s a 33-million percent increase in just one decade! With that in mind, it’s vital that online store owners make themselves stand out from the crowd. To accomplish this, you don’t need to be a digital soothsayer, but you’ll need to understand some basics of branding and design. You’ll need to brand and style your website in a way that makes a statement but doesn’t distract from the online shopping experience. Consider the tactics of major companies such as Adidas, The Gap, or Walmart. What do all these companies’ eCommerce sites have in common? They all display distinctive logos and color schemes. These fundamental visual elements implicitly cultivate an experience not completely dissimilar to real-world stores. Deals and Shipping Incentives Since digital consumers are inundated with countless stores, they’ll need some extra incentive to stick around and return for future orders. While you should prioritize on providing distinct, high-quality products, you should also consider how you’ll incentivize customers to check-out instead of abandoning their carts. That’s why all online store owners should routinely provide seasonal sales and shipping deals. If you’re using a major eCommerce platform such as Magento or Shopify, you can easily create a coupon code redeemable for a certain percentage or currency amount taken out of the customer’s final cost. Or better yet, offer free shipping! Even major companies like IBM experience upwards of 68% in cart abandonment, so it pays to keep your customers happy with these added offers. A Mobile-Friendly Version The internet has evolved drastically in the past few years. Along with a rapid increase in shoppers taking their business online, the number of customers using mobile devices may also be shocking to store owners. As of 2015, Internet Retailer found that a full 30% of online consumers were shopping from a mobile device. Just as you wouldn’t want to ignore a significant amount of foot traffic from entering your brick & mortar store, you wouldn’t want to limit online customers from having the best possible experience when shopping on your eCommerce site. Make sure your eCommerce store has a mobile version that’s easily navigable and can fit several different, yet common screens like those found in iPhone and Android phones as well

    Things To Look In A Mobile Network Company

    August 9, 2016
    Throughout the world, the UK has the highest mobile phone penetration rate. They have become a vital part of day-to-day life. In today’s world of constant connectivity, it is really important to choose the best mobile network that provides excellent speed. It is important to find out which mobile network is best for you. Nowadays, one can find a lot of telecom service providers in the market trying to beat their competitors. If you are searching for the best service provider, make sure to consider the below mentioned points: Reliability: Pay attention to the reliability of the service provider. They must have a real time rating and charging system. Expertise: They must in experienced and highly knowledgeable to deliver the best customized services using to latest technology so as to meet their customer’s specific requirements. Quality: Make sure that the service provider provides the best quality service. They must have a reputation of truthfulness and a proven track record of going the extra mile to deliver the best results. Excellent customer care service: Also, it is important to choose a supplier that provides the best customer care service Among the major mobile phone network providers in the UK, O2 is the leading service provider. This well-known British telecoms company founded in 1985 is based in London and has its registered office in Slough, Berkshire. Below mentioned is some of the important information about O2 Company: O2is the second largest mobile provider in the UK It basically operates in 21 countries and has partner networks in over 40 other countries. O2 has been awarded as the Best Network Coverage in the uSwitch Mobile Awards 2016, for the second year running Its network is available on pay-as-you-go or on a pay monthly contract basis With more than 23 million customers, O2 runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks throughout the UK as well as operating O2 Wifi O2 is the commercial brand of Telefónica UK Limited According to Ofcom, O2 is a top digital communications company with the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider With any issues with your O2 mobile or account, one can use their O2 contact number to directly contact O2 customer care representatives If you have any queries regarding the services of O2, you can use their O2 contact number. One can call O2 for queries like: How to keep the same mobile number How to manage an O2 account Information related to bills To know about returns and repair policy How to track the order Information about phones, sims and devices Account and billing Different payment methods, etc If you are looking for a mobile network company, it is essential to choose the best mobile network provider as coverage is an important component of a mobile plan. Without adequate wireless coverage, your costly mobile plan will be of no use.

    Trends In Web Design That Deserve A Revival

    August 5, 2016
    In the course of time, trends of all the spheres of our lives have been constantly changing. And web design is not an exception. Years ago shiny, drop-shadowed gradient pages with masses of clip art were considered a web masterpiece.  And what can we see now? Are they still? No. Everything is as flat as it can be. People don’t want to see clunky fonts or 3-D effect graphics that was the peak of webmaster technologies. Everything has to be bright and sleek. The old designs on the web seem boring and annoying for users’ eyes. Now almost all web templates are flat and as up-to-date as possible. And want to have nothing in common with the older web templates. But is that right? Or should we learn and take something from the better web design examples? Here are some old web design trends that can be surely supplied to your website, whether you want to make a new move. Monochrome Some tones and colors would definitely add individuality, though the mix of black and white would give you more opportunities to personalize your website. While monochrome now will look not so well on websites related to creative sphere as it was years ago with Music templates. Source: You can easily use it in the business sphere. The monochrome color scheme will focus the attention of your clients on the content you need. And that is quite well for professional needs. The thing that you can do to make it better is to add some colors to monochrome as can be seen in the Real Estate themes. Source: Add some color to the menu and buttons, and you will give your clients a clear direction of where to go. Text positioning Lined up texts are always nice for users’ eyes. But as well as they are nice they’re also boring. The standard header and menu will be user-friendly for your clients but they won’t catch the user’s eye. We can learn from the better old websites where the content menu was sometimes not in the header at all, and adjust the menu in the unusual place. That will make your website interesting and eye-cathing even in the not so pop spheres as in the Religious templates. Source: By shunning traditional rules the vertical menu will draw the attention of web users to the content you need. Simple code We all think that flat design indicates simplicity, but sometimes it doesn’t. Web developers now work a lot with CSS and make more and more templates with the overloaded content structure. The thing they forget is the simpler – the better. And sometimes a simple image and one text column are enough. So what should you do? Re-learn the basics of web design and use what you found out for your purposes. Try something new, or in this case, the well-forgotten old and you will catch the client’s eye. People will get bored with the flat websites that look

    How Social Media Can Help Your Online Business

    August 4, 2016
    Social media is something that you need to do your best to utilize if you have just recently got your online business up and running. You can put big sites like Twitter and Facebook to work for you in an effort to spread the word about the services and products your site is offering. It is hard to believe that there are still businesses today that have not jumped on the social media bandwagon. Companies from many years ago would have loved to have the advantages that social media provides to those who use it. Having social media accounts for your site is just as important as having the best shopping cart ecommerce software. Here are just a few of the many ways that social media can help your online business go to the next level. 1. Chat with Potential Customers Directly The ability to communicate directly with people and answer their questions about your products is something that can generate a lot of sales for your business. In the old days, many consumers would have their questions go unanswered about a particular product if the customer service person did not know the answer. Now potential customers have a way to get in contact directly with the person who owns the website. You can answer questions from people and clear up any misconceptions about the products that you carry. You can also answer questions from people who have already bought some of your products. You will start to build up followers as your business grows. You can then send out tweets about new products you will be offering. You can also use social media to promote sales and other special promotional events. You just need to make sure that you use your social media accounts regularly. People will stop following you if your account is inactive for a long period of time. 2. Reach People in New Markets It is the goal of most online business owners to branch out into new territories that they are not currently doing business in. Using social media to your advantage can speed up this process quite a bit. You can communicate with people all around the world on social media to gauge their interest in your products. This can help you decide which countries will be most receptive if you began selling your products there. Some cultures will be much more interested in your products than others. Social media can allow you to perform your own informal surveys of the people living in various new markets that you want to enter. 3. Free Advertising This would be considered the biggest benefit by many business owners. Most people do not have a lot of spare cash laying around to spend on advertising when they first start their business. Social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are totally free to use. You can create as many videos and posts as you want for your business and it will cost you nothing.

    Expand Your Business With These 5 Strategies Of Local SEO

    July 12, 2016
    The scope of online business has expanded exponentially in recent years, so much so that even small scale local businesses have come within its periphery. Recent trends in SERPs has also confirmed that search engines are moving towards local businesses in their quest for providing increasingly personalized search results for users. The advent of SEO companies has made it far easier for small scale businesses to expand online and get great traffic. This has not only become an alternate revenue source for the local companies but also has resulted in a more profitable venture than their offline counterparts in several cases. If you have been teetering on the edge over the decision to go online or not for a while now – we advise that you do, because it is probably the best time to enter the online space. Here, we are listing the top-five reasons – why, Localized SEO has become a hotbed of online traffic after several search engines moved to modify their SERP indexing based on local SEO. Search Engine Results Pages are now displaying more and more of the things and businesses around a user, thanks to the improved GPS tracking of smart phones and tablets and a host of other advancements in mobile technology which lets search engines track a user’s online activities and deliver results accordingly. If you go online with your business today, it will give you more initial visibility than ever before. The rise of Facebook, Twitter and Google’s multiple social media platforms has been a key factor in boosting online activity. In recent years, the potential of these platforms for marketing has been realized and nowadays they have become a viable platform for companies to run their marketing campaigns. Search engines also look up your social media records when displaying results. So, you can run a healthy marketing campaign for your business by moving online. Ask your friends and family to share your business page and build a healthy following. Keywords were heavily used initially by the search engines, until their misuse became apparent. Now we have smart algorithms which can differentiate between general and specific keywords. This means the chances of your business ranking on its brand keywords have grown more than the chances of you getting traffic based on general keywords. More and more users are using conversational keywords via voice input, which is good for local businesses. Enlist the help of a local SEO company to give your business more visibility in online searches. Moving further down the line of expanding your business online, you will need to ensure the quality of content on your website/s is top-notch. Search engines have software called crawlers. These programs go through your website’s code and content to take stock of its quality. Therefore, when you are moving online make sure that you have professional help with local SEO and content. If you optimize your content for the users rather than for search engines, you are good to go, since the search

    What Website Designing Strategy Will Witness This Year

    July 12, 2016
    In Today’s world, the best place to do business is on the web, as people are more prone to accessing things online. They also have a tendency to get the utilities as they get their desired products in time. Several efforts are made to make the websites more appealing to the users. There are several latest designing kits which are being used to design websites. Let us have a look at them: CSS-Preprocessor- The syntax of CSS is very easy to write and understand, but has certain limitations. The CSS preprocessor works here. It allows writing in programming style with variables and functions, which are then compiled into browser-compliant CSS format.CSS properties, can be reused with certain special rules. There are a number of CSS preprocessors, such as SASS, LESS, Stylus, and Myth. Task Runner –The process of building a website is repetitive. Minification, Compilation, Unit Testing, Concatenation of files and Refreshing of Browser, are the things which are used in projects, are automated using task runners, such as Grunt and Gulp. Synchronized Testing Tools- This tool is mainly for designing mobile optimized websites. If there is any need to check a website in a lot of devices, then this is the best one as it allows website testing on multiple devices. Clicking, scrolling, and browser reloading are reflected across all devices, thus, saving the user from repetitive action. Development Kit-This software puts together a number of tools in one Application. Codekit pioneers this application, which also includes LESS, SASS, Bower and many more. Latest Designing Trends: Animations- Due to the use of flat web designs, website owners are making ways to stand out in the market. One way is using rich animations. In 2016, creative designs were introduced to add uniqueness to websites. Full-screen forms- Another trend doing the round is the full-screen forms, used in login, order forms, signups, etc. Clicking on contact or join triggers a full-screen overlay rather than taking the visitor to another linked page. This gives a lot more screen space for mobile users, preventing another page from being loaded. This also encourages the users to complete the form. No more stock photography- Websites are now forbidding the use of stock photography because users are getting tired of searching the desired photographs. It is a total waste of time and hence personalized photos are making way to make business pages appear more welcoming. Modular design- This type of design makes the web designs visually pleasing. Mainly the contents of the web pages are broken up into individual fragments. The elements are placed into rectangular pattern modules. This kind of design is useful in projects, as they allow placing all the contents in a single page. Therefore website designing is gaining more importance as it draws a lot of business. There are many companies who work on designing websites. Website designs of Durham are quite famous as there are a large number of companies who does the same work very well. So, if any company

    App Review: MyVegas Slot App

    July 11, 2016
    MyVegas Slots App is an exciting and entertaining slot machine game from PlayStudio where players can earn points that can be turned in for some valuable rewards. MyVegas slots are one of the only free casino games available where players are able to play slots and earn real rewards. This app is available for free download from (iOS) App Store, (Android) Google Play Store, or (Kindle) Amazon Store. Many Great Features MyVegas Slots App offers ways for players to earn loyalty points which can then be redeemed for real-world rewards such as hotels stays, resorts, airline upgrades, and meals. They feature slots from Las Vegas such as Excalibur, MGM, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and much more. Players can expect possible large payouts from the progressive jackpots. Bonus games are available along with daily events and numerous quests as a chance for players to earn bonus chips as well as increase their chances at free spins and jackpot wins. There is an incentive for active players with receiving an hourly chip bonus. Players enjoy in casino-like music, to help them get the real casino feel. There are bonus rounds and amusing mini-games, keeping players entertained at all times. MyVegas Slots App is enjoyable for ages eighteen and up, where they can travel to gorgeous fantasy worlds, stop by the Wild West, or maybe they find the ancient past appealing within the apps more than 20 slot machine games. Looks and Feels Great to Play MyVegas Slots App has amazing graphics with smooth animations. There seems to be no lags or freezes during gameplay, making players want to stay for more rounds. This app features state of the art game design, with multiple features which are easy to learn. For more information, please contact PlayStudio MyVegas Slots.

    Top 7 WordPress Dashboard Plugins For Dashboard

    July 6, 2016
    WordPress admin dashboard’s interface is acclaimed rightful fame all over the internet for its inherent user friendliness and ease of usage. And because variety is the spice of life, you are capable of customizing the interface with your choice of settings, or the entire look and feel of back end admin panel with themes and plugins. In this post, I have found Top 7 WordPress plugins, all handpicked for reasons of good quality code and compatibility, that will let you customize the WordPress Admin Dashboard itself as you please. Check out the top 7 WordPress dashboard plugins, listed below: 1. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository Price: Free Active Installs: 20K+ This brilliant, beautiful WordPress dashboard customization plugin is by far one of the most used and well loved, having accumulated a mean user rating of solid 4.9 out of 5 stars from a real crowd of 92 votes. Erident is complete in the sense that it will let you completely revamp your WordPress admin dashboard and login screens without hassle. The plugins comes with such amazing features that will let you change footer text on Admin Dashboard, add custom background (colors or images) to login screens, customize login form background and opacity, change font-size and color, replace ‘W’ with your own brand logo, optional display shadow effects for links or entire login forms, change button color, optimize form placement, alignment, and so much more. It’s a lightweight, highly efficient solution for complete login screen and slight dashboard customization. 2. Admin Trim Interface Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository Price: Free Active Installs: 3K+ Admin Trim Interface is an ultra chic WordPress admin dashboard customization plugin which runs on some truly smart code. The plugin uses WordPress API, custom CSS, and JavaScript (when nothing else works) to implement your settings (you don’t need to code all of this yourself, buddy). The settings will let you add/ edit/ remove visual and interface elements from dashboard like header WordPress logo , ‘Home’ icon, “Howdy” greeting (Great for Western-flick lovers, not so much for many others), username links, Avatars, the entire sidebar menu, Help link (contextual), footer links, WordPress version display (footer) and so much more. The changes you make with this plugin are globally applied on all users’ WordPress back-ends on your website, automatically. Instant classic! 3. R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher Available at: WordPress Plugin Repository Price: Free Active Installs: 1K+ For a website with diverse and multilingual WordPress administration and management personnel, R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher is a savior. The plugin won’t change interface elements as such – only the languages; in that the plugin will let your logged in WordPress users select the language of their choice which will then be applied on their WordPress admin dashboard. The plugin works with Multisite networks, which is always a plus. The tools include a WordPress Admin Toolbar language switcher, a login screen language switcher, and user profile language switcher. Keep in mind that you need to add the languages

    PSD Center: Your One Stop Solution For Web Templates

    July 5, 2016
    Web development is a difficult process and requires a great deal of time. If you do not have the right skillset, the best option is to go for web templates. The best place where you could find a variety of web templates is PSD Center. Using web templates has its advantages. For example, it saves you the hassle of searching a web designer and learning HTML and CSS in order to code a website yourself or a web developer. Moreover, web templates are cost effective. The basic themes at PSD Center start from as low as $89.95. PSD Center offers a range of selectable categories of web templates including church, farm website templates, hunting club, insurance, photography, lawn mowing, moving company, pest control, real estate agent, dry cleaning, drinks, pool cleaning and flowers. WordPress Web Templates WordPress hosting is becoming very popular these days as it allows setting up a website quickly. But you would need an attractive WordPress template. As said earlier, PSD Center’s WordPress web templates start at $89.95 and cater to all sorts of customers. You may even try for free website templates. Whether you are in a dry cleaning business, professional photographer or own a flower shop, choosing a suitable WordPress theme will surely attract more traffic to your website and help it grow. E-Commerce Web Templates PSD Center has partnered with some big E-Commerce store builders including Bigcommerce, Shopify and 3DCart.You can easily create your online store through these store builders and select the ideal theme from PSD Center. Viola! Your E-commerce website is in action. Customize Your Favorite Template Want to change the color or some other elements of a template? No problem, as PSD Center provides customization option to modify the template according to your choice. The experts at PSD Center will be readily available to help you with all your customization requirements. The customization features can be ordered by paying $40 per hour. Consistent Website Structure A lot of web templates change their orientation when opened on different web browsers; however, PSD Center web templates follow W3C standards and will remain consistent regardless the web browser they are accessed on. 100% Responsive Web Templates The web templates offered by PSD Center are fully responsive and will look amazing on any device you would access your website on. SEO Friendly The web templates by PSD Center are all SEO friendly. You do not have to worry about your website not getting indexed by the search engines. All you need is to use proper page title, meta description and the SEO friendly content to rank your site at the first page of the search engines. Refund Policy PSD Center offers a full refund for their product if it is damaged, not accessible or has some other major defect. The web templates are easy to download and will take only 24 hours to setup and launch your website, so order your favorite template now.

    Website Design: Why It Matters?

    July 4, 2016
    In today’s visual market, just about every business has a website, but the question at hand is whether it stands out in the crowd. A good website design is crucial for engaging users online and getting ahead of competitors. Believe it or not, but it takes a user no more than a split second to form an opinion about the company’s credibility based on a web portal design. In fact, a single glance can make or break a potential customer. The web design is the first thing a prospective customer will notice which is why its quality is so important. It needs to have a special spark that is appealing and eye catching. But a website design is not just about appearance and looks.  It is an integral part of the marketing strategy and plays a vital role in enhancing customer experience, goal conversion, and promotion of content. Here are four reasons why a good website design  matters. First Impression: The look and appeal of the website have a profound impact on people. It needn’t be the most brilliant website, but a good interface matters. An uncluttered layout that suggests quality and professionalism along with good use of design elements like attractive colours, text block size, well- crafted message and easy navigation is inviting and evokes interest. Such a site can exert a strong influence on visitors’ first impression and prompt them to take action. Branding Portal: Your website is a crucial marketing and communications tool for promoting your brand online. It conveys a picture and feeling to the people about your company, who you are and what you do.  A web design with stellar content that reflects the tone of your company has the potential to retain users and win over new customers. Delivers Message: A good design gives you control and helps deliver your message to users in exactly the way you want. Proper structuring of a web page that highlights the information with fluidity can direct online visitors towards the path you would want them to chart. These leads to a clear call for action and ultimately generate sales. In contrast, a poor design can create confusion and doubt. Legitimacy and Trust: A great design plays an important role in helping establish credibility and a trust factor. Clean lines, organised pages, and a streamlined process create a trusted digital experience for users and raise the reliability of your business. Visitors start feeling confident about the legitimacy of the brand and are convinced the content will deliver. On the other hand, a messy design and confusing website that is difficult to navigate gives the impression of a haphazard business. Users tend to become frustrated and start looking elsewhere for a similar product or service. The bottom line is that design really matters, be it a website design in Thailand or anywhere else. Having said that, does your site achieve the purpose of embedding great content within a beautiful web design? If not it’s time for a revamp right?

    Choosing The Right Platform For Development Of Web Applications

    May 11, 2016
    There are so many ways in which we can get our web applications done but the platform chosen to make it in is extremely important. Without the right platform, your app will not work smoothly. Here are some of the uses of the platforms that you need to look out for. Building a web application can be quite an arduous process. This is especially true if you are planning to make them quite fancy and elaborate and if you are kind of new to designing and coding. It is not every day that you know how to make the application work. It is a hard process, but you come out shining once you crack it. Understanding the coding bit and how it will visually look differs with the kind of platforms you use to build on it. There are many platforms out there that offer a varied range of services. You need to choose the type of platform service that will suit your coding needs. From taking help from a node js development services and more, you are platform will make it easier to design the web application. There are many uses of the platforms you have: Reuse the codes: If you are comparing the different types of platforms available out there and their uses, you will realize how different they are to each other. One of the best parts of being able to outsource to a node js development company is that they provide an entire code within the JAVAScript framework with the option to be able to reuse all the codes at a moment’s notice. Not only does this make your job easier, but the amount of time you will spend is also lessened considerably. This has become on the of the most sought after uses of the platform as well. Ease of use Some platforms allow you to be able to create the type of application you want to, without even coding. The basic framework of the RSS feed, notifications, and basic design is already presented to it. You need to fill it in with the data. This helps those who are new to coding or are not adept at it yet to make an app quickly and promote it as well. Faster processes and better features If you already have a concept in mind, you can easily get it executed with the help of an angular js development company. Using an extended HTML vocabulary source for your application, you can make your design much faster, get the architecture of it right, enhance components and even promote the feature of reusing the codes again. When your web application is faster, it makes it easier to get rid of problems quickly and easily. Less Data This is very important if you are looking for a content heavy website. Many platforms focus on taking up less data to be able to make the application much faster and easier to use. The heavier it is, the more sluggish it gets.

    iPhone 6 Cases: With Exclusive Specification To Check Before Buy!!

    May 10, 2016
    The iphone 6 cases  give you with assurance to your iphone 6 cases  , while in the meantime offering an assortment of hues to browse. It is an extraordinary approach to redo the look of your iphone 6 cases   and truly can show up of your telephone pop. The Guards Fit All iPhone 6 Cases Models Accessible The guards are produced using sturdy, durable elastic and shaped plastic segments. It offers a cozy fit around the edges of your telephone to give both style and assurance to your iphone 6 cases. You can pick from an assortment of six hues (pink, dark, blue, green, orange or white), which effectively slide around the edges of your iphone 6 cases. Utilization of a guard case won’t thwart access to any of your capacity catches, for example, force and volume control. On the off chance that you simply need an essential yet attractive search for your iphone 6 cases, this is one of the best and most well-known decisions. In spite of the fact that guards secure the edges or sides of your iphone 6 cases , the front and back are uncovered. But since of the immense configuration including raised edges, you don’t need to stress over harm to your screen or glass on the back of the telephone when setting it down. The raised edges hold the screen and back of iphone 6 cases   from scratches or other harm by keeping it marginally lifted from surfaces. Should you drop your iphone 6 cases , the guards offer some security from the effect. The vast majority pick to utilize an extra case that will cover the front and back of the iphone 6 cases , as this offers considerably more noteworthy assurance from harm. By picking an extra case from the extensive variety of choices accessible to go with your guard case, you get a considerably more unmistakable look and more prominent assurance from harm. Regardless, iphone 6 cases guard cases offer a cheap, fun and fast approach to customize your telephone, and let you effortlessly and rapidly change the look of your telephone by simply changing to an alternate shading. At times, the guard cases have been appeared to enhance your sign in light of the fact that a great deal of clients experience issues with gathering taking into account the way the hold their telephones. Calls have a tendency to be dropped all the more effortlessly and gathering clarity bargained if your hand covers the lower part of the telephone. By utilizing a guard spread, it might naturally alter the way you hold the telephone, in this way helping you keep up brilliant gathering and less dropped calls. While iphone 6 cases guard cases don’t offer the most abnormal amount of insurance for your telephone, they do defend your telephone, particularly if dropped on its sides. On the off chance that you are simply beginning with an iphone 6 cases, this gives you an incredible spot to start, notwithstanding offering

    Complete Guide To IIT-JEE Exams – Everything from Syllabus To Preparations

    May 10, 2016
    IIT-JEE being one of the most reputed entrance tests in the country gives you a tough time to crack it. Aspirants all across the country dream to get through it and be a part of the IITs. Though it needs a remarkable level of hard work to make your way to the IIT, at the same time it is not impossible. Right amount of devotion will lead you to your dream institution and eventually your dream career. Along with being devoted, practice a few simple things and you are all set to reach your goal. Start in advance You know you want to make it to JEE main rank predictor and you know it requires a lot of hard work – why not start preparing in advance then. Start with your preparation a year early, when you are in your final year of school. Join a good coaching institute, collect study material and start working on it. It’s always good to start well in advance. This gives you ample time and you can cover everything efficiently. A two to three months study will not help. Gear up and get going to fulfill your dream. Leverage from technology Technology is at its peak today. Why not take its advantage when you have the option to. You can find some great educational apps on android and iOS. These apps provide a vast material for various fields of study, like IIT-JEE, AIPMT, AIEEE etc. It proves to be a very convenient source as you can look up for anything on it at any time. All you need to do is apply for a subscription and pay the fee online. One such app is Toppr. It’s a one-stop solution for multiple diverse courses.  You will find all sorts of mock tests available on the app along with online chats with experts. You can download the app from play store to understand its usage further. Consult with seniors, experts Take advice from your seniors on how to go about your preparation for JEE. Have a word about it with the experienced candidates who have passed the test. They will be able to extend useful details about the pattern of the paper, kinds of questions, important topics etc. You can even learn the tips and tricks from them to solve questions in a quicker and easier manner. Talking to people who have conquered the exam also gives you the motivation to work harder and be a part of their league. Eat and sleep well Ensure that you eat healthy and take a good 8 hours of sleep. It keeps your brain de-stressed and gives it all the energy it needs. Compromising on either of the two will stress you out and drain all your energy. This may lead to you falling ill just days before the exam. You sure don’t want to risk it. So be attentive about your eating and sleeping patterns. Hard work is the key Nothing can be achieved until you put genuine efforts to get it.

    Office 365 vs Office 2016

    May 1, 2016
    Office 2016 and office 365 are the latest of Microsoft office services. Office 2016 is more of a standalone service, whereas office 365 for Business is a cloud oriented service.  However if one is buying subscription of office 365, one will get most of the feature of office 2016. Office 2016 includes 2 different standalone versions. One such services being professional 2016 and the other being home and business version.  Home and business version is tailor made for use in home environment with basic services of Microsoft being provided which include word, PowerPoint excel and OneNote. However the professional version can also include apart from these basic core services office publisher and more. Office 365 has many benefits over office 2016. Office 365 for Business is a set of collaborated services under a subscription package, see plans here at The various services include exchange online, skype for business, and SharePoint services among other. Office 2016 service is also included with Office 365 ProPlus. On comparing the two we can come to conclusions as follows Office 2016 is a basic version which covers more than half of the core service of office, so unless there is really a need for high end services, office 2016 will be a better choice. Cost- In term of pricing 2016 may be a costlier deal than office 365 as the subscription for the services is negligible. Buying a standalone office 2016 may cost you dearly. However the renewal price and plans are also very much under the small budget of any organization. Any location – One of the beauties of office 365 is its cloud facility which makes it possible to work on office 365 virtually from any location of the world. Office 2016 is however a standalone service best suited to particular desktop service With office 365 up gradation of services is not required as all data and tools get automatically upgraded with a click of a button through Office 365 CSP, whereas one may need to buy latest versions of any office 2016 to keep one upbeat. Also for any new service not covered under office 2016, you need to buy the product separately with extra cost heading. Data protection and security are 2 common concern people show when buying office 365. Office 365 is best protected through Microsoft anti malware and antivirus security apps and services. In case of loss of data or theft, it is always possible to protect those data from harm. Data retrieval- Data retrieval is one of the many truths with cloud 365, almost all the data can be easily retrieved. Free trial – you can get a free trial from Microsoft before you can take your decision. Storage-Storage is another area where office 365 stands apart from standalone service, whereas there is a limit of storage to office 2016 If we look closely over the benefits of office 365 over office 2016 we conclude that office 2016 is more suitable for lower end user and students

    Home Automation Will Work For All: Here’s How

    April 13, 2016
    Home Automation is one of the latest wonders of technology which has been developed by experts in order to make our lives easy. It is also known as Domotics and this is basically a system where, all electrical appliances in your home are connected to a central network which takes commands from users and makes the appliances work as per the command. But since its inception, it has been accused that this system is only for the rich and will not work for everyone, especially those with not so modern homes. But we think that this is absolutely false and this system is made for everyone and will work for all as well. This can be explained in the points mentioned below. Affordable for All Everyone has a misconception about the Home Automation system that this system is very expensive which everyone cannot afford and is only made for the super-rich people with the modern homes. But this not true as the developers of this system have ensured that this system is available at a minimal price possible and their vision is that every house in the world has it after few years. The manufacturers also make sure that new, updated and inexpensive operating systems keep on coming so that more and more people could install this system at their homes and live a convenient and comparatively easy life. Made for Everyone This system is definitely not made for only the super-rich. Rather, the developers have made sure that this is made for everyone. There are different types of Home Automation systems available. Although a few with extremely rich features are very expensive. But there are many versions of this system which are designed specifically keeping the middle class people in mind. This is done to make sure that everyone can buy this. So by having home automation system installed at their homes people from every place, class and genre can have a convenient and easy life. Can be Installed in Any House People have formed an opinion about this system that it only suits the big and modern homes and others with not so big homes cannot have this system installed at their place. But this is completely wrong. Every house has many electrical appliances. The basic purpose of the Home Automation system is to connect those devices so that they could function at your command. So the size of the home or their modernity is never a factor here. Anyone and everyone can get this system installed at their home, control their appliances with just the touch of a finger and live a convenient life. Designed for Future The best part about the Home Automation system is that it has been designed and manufactured keeping the future in mind. Not only can it satisfy all your needs in the present, but it will continue to do so after many years. So in case you buy any new appliance or gadget in the coming years, then you can connect

    5 Benefits Of Call Management

    April 8, 2016
    Understanding the whole customer experience from the number of times the phone rings before answered, the number of unresolved missed calls through to how the call was handled and what was said at company, branch or an individual customer level, makes excellence in customer service achievable. Call management enables the following business-critical call analysis: Unreturned missed calls is an area that delivers fast returns on investment and is at the heart of any customer service strategy. Management of missed calls results in improved customer satisfaction and retention, delivering significant financial returns. Calls can be tracked in real-time to understand how long it takes to resolve a call, how long the caller had to wait to be answered and how the call was resolved (by the customer calling in again or the customer being called). KPIs are set to ensure calls are resolved within a certain time each day. First Contact Resolution (FCR) where a customer’s need is properly addressed the first time they call, is an increasingly hot topic, which applies not just to contact centres but to any business with customer facing sales, service or technical teams. A customer’s inquiry or problem going unresolved can result in customer dissatisfaction and significant revenue loss yet many businesses are unaware of the importance of FCR. According to Service Quality Measurement Group, out of all business metrics used to monitor customer facing teams, first call resolution has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction. The market focus on FCR helps the channel to justify the value of fully integrated call management Software on any phone system sale. Analysis of callsanswered by an Auto Attendant. A call which is terminated after being answered by an Auto Attendant should be considered as an unresolved missed call. It is important to check that the call management solution you are considering is able to distinguish between a call that is answered by a person and one that is answered by an IVR or Auto Attendant system. Integrated call analytics with call recordingenables businesses to track how long a caller waits to be answered or called back, then assess how the call progresses by listening to the recording.From this it can be determined if the call outcome was negatively affected by the wait time. Live statistics on contact centres such as call queues, coupled with historical trends enables staff modelling, helping businesses to gain efficiencies. Although customer requirements vary from simple but accurate business communications data to extensive analytics of customer facing teams, improving customer interactions is essential to every business. Gone are the days when such systems were deployed solely in large enterprises. This means that these solutions are now accessible to all sized businesses. Cost effective call recording together with innovation in call management solutions with Unified Communications and CRM integration, has meant that this market is now taking advantage of powerful solutions that deliver real business intelligence.
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