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    Conversation That Converts: How To Create Real Money In Your UX Design

    June 23, 2016
    First impressions last, and if you are a user experience (UX) designer, you would know first-hand what that really means. UX designers care about the look, the swag. But only because they care a lot about users and their preferences. They also care about the brand and how it will send its message across, how it will enhance experience and engagement, and how it will make money, of course. User experience web design has evolved over the years. As websites were turned into apps, e-mail into in-mail, and blogs into social media posts, it was imperative for UX design to also embrace the change. But while UX design tools have become more sophisticated, the goal has remained the same. A research from the Oxford Journal stated that the goal of every and all user experience principles is to “improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.” The investment of a digital marketing agency for UX design is well-warranted. Companies know that a professionally-designed digital platform will bring in the likes, shares, and comments. They know that it enhances their audience’s experiences which translate in conversions and actual profit. How do you do it? Here are seven actionable ways to win at the UX design game. Who are you Designing for? Be in the mindset of the user. Only by really understanding the people you are designing for will you be able to create a great web design. Have a persona of the target market in mind. Are they young, mostly women, mostly men, loves to shop, active in social media, online shoppers, etc.? With this, you will have an idea of how your design is supposed to look and work, and what needs are there to satisfy. Know who you are designing for so you would also have a clear idea of your deliverables. Make it easy In achieving a conversion-based UX design, it is important to put the user first. Designers are online most of the time and they can tell a good UX design from a bad one in just a few seconds. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a regular user to identify pain points and eliminate them. Make navigation simple. Style is important but never compromise functionality. Make sure that everything that the market could possibly want (products, promos, contact, etc.) can be easily located. Avoid repetitive tasks. Stop making users re-enter passwords all the time or going back to the main menu just to find themselves starting all over again. Bring Out the Beauty Of course, the look is important. First impressions last, after all. Design should appeal to your target market and must be easy on the eyes. Don’t saturate your audience with too much of the good thing. Remember to push branding while doing the layout, picking a theme or a font style. Always balance look with functionality. It is also important to be consistent and forcing the user to

    Yoast SEO vs. All In One SEO Pack – Which One Is Better?

    June 7, 2016
    For a new website owner, SEO can be overwhelming and confusing. One wrong step and your website can land in the sack of other millions of uncharted sites, never to be found by any user. However, using WordPress to build a website has its own benefits including the availability of hundreds of thousands of free WordPress plugins that can be used to extend or improve the functionality of your site. And using these plugins to optimize a site for search engines is no exception. WordPress offers two most popular SEO Plugins – Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. It has become a common practice for WordPress Website owners to use one of these two plugins for SEO. But how do you decide which SEO plugin to use for your website? Well, today’s post takes a closer look at these plugins and compare them on the basis of their functionality, features, and various other factors to make the decision of choosing the best one easier for you. Introduction Yoast SEO plugin: Yoast SEO Plugin, formerly known as WordPress SEO by Yoast, is one of the most popular and preferred SEO plugins that was developed in 2010 by Joost De Valk. With years of updates and improvements, Yoast SEO has become an invincible and powerful plugin that powers millions of WordPress sites. All in One SEO Pack: Developed by Steve Mortiboy and Michael Torbert, All in One SEO Pack was launched in 2007 and has managed to earn a huge client base. The plugin has been downloaded more than 27,754,451 times till date. Installation and Setup It takes a lot of knowledge to understand and successfully integrate SEO plugins into a website especially for those who are not tech-savvy. Thus, it is important for an SEO Plugin to make it convenient for novices to install and configure the settings without having any technical knowledge. Yoast SEO: In order to get started with Yoast SEO, you need to first install and activate it. Once you have activated the plugin, you will have plenty of options to configure. However, the plugin makes it easy for you understand these settings and configure it accordingly by prompting to start the tour that takes you from one setting to another. Yoast SEO plugin’s settings page has various different sections where each section further has different tabs. Therefore, it’s pretty easy for users to find the necessary settings in the Yoast SEO settings page. Also, in case you are stuck anywhere during configuring the settings, you can always click on the purple Help button to watch a video tutorial. All in One SEO Pack: Just like Yoast SEO Plugin, you need to install and activate this plugin. All in One SEO Plugin offers a menu item which holds All in One SEO Pack’s settings. It showcases all its settings on a single settings page, which may look overwhelming for some users. The settings page is divided into various different sections, where each section has a specific

    Top 10 Futuristic Mobile App Design Trends That Will Matter Soon

    April 28, 2016
    Today’s modern consumers demand more mobile accessibility from their brands where it is easy to browse the latest updates and products. People now spend a lot of their time on smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it is the need of the hour for these business brands to provide their users with a pleasing app to hold the attention of the consumers to buy their products and services. This is the reason apps have become increasingly powerful to keep up with the more advanced options this power provides. Developing a mobile app is now becoming a cool story. But with the latest visual designs that are impressive is some element that really connects with young users. It is important to adapt with the latest trends that may look amazing on every device be it iOS or Android. So, here is what the future might hold for all mobile apps. 1) Growing Demand for Mobile Apps With the growing demand for apps, the future trend will have custom user experience at its center and might soon be the main norm. There might be few features that will include responses but the biggest focus will be on easy navigation. Big Data and Analytics can help in creating better user experiences which will also include authentication strategies for security reasons. 2) Diffused Backgrounds Use of diffused backgrounds will be the new trend one would expect in a mobile app. It will enable designers to make the call to action button viewable and accessible with a clean and simple style, which in return can generate more returns to one’s business. 3) Smooth Navigation One should keep in mind to place all elements of navigation and menu carefully. The Apps with their clear typography, clean interface, and simple aesthetics are in lot of demand in today’s market. Easy drop down sub menus or menus sliding out from the side of the screen will do it better for consumers to find the content, information or service they’re looking for. One can expect that seamless navigation will deliver a smooth, uninterrupted, relaxing, and friendly end-user experience. Creative use of swipes and other gestures like Peek and Pop are also becoming more popular among app platforms, enhancing the visual appeal of any mobile app. 4) Micro Interactions Micro interactions are the key features of an app design. It allows users to feel something or reach out to another user or object instantly. As feedback is the most important part of the micro-interaction cycle, it helps to create engagement, contribute to the resulting function that this app is a vital part of their daily lives. Thus interaction is a must-have design element that you can’t ignore. 5) Eye-catchy Fonts In the near future, app designers will need to resurrect the big and bold fonts that has the capacity to give life to even the ugliest of apps. Fonts need to be scalable to fit in every screen that can be easily readable. Context awareness is an element in mobile apps that

    Trust The Brand Which The World Knows

    October 25, 2016
    When there is a legacy attached with something, people always endow their trust in it. And that is exactly the case with Liberty, a company that has been building safes since the year 1988. They are the leading manufacturer of not just the normal safes in your house but they are especially known for manufacturing gun safes. These are something that need to be built with utmost precision and with the best material available or else there could be a life at risk. So, what is it about liberty safe guns that sets them apart from other gun safes. The gun safes may have been manufactured by a company which is not very old but they do know all the tricks under the book and manufacture a gun safe that has a world-class quality. The Liberty gun safe reviews will also tell you the same story. People who have used the gun safes by them know that they don’t have to worry about burglary or the gun safe becoming a pile of ash in a fire onslaught. From hammering to actually breaking it, there is nothing that can get the Liberty gun safe down. The Best Model of Liberty If you have never bought any gun safe before and have no experience whatsoever, you can start with the premium series of the Liberty gun safe which is the presidential model. They come with RSS model of excellence and this will give you all the trust you need when it comes to gun safes. The coveted mark of safety is issued by UL and they only provide such a mark to companies and products that actually deserve it. As said above, the liberty gun safes are fire resistant as they have been tested to withstand more than 1200 degree of heat for more than 2.5 hours. This ensures that even when your house goes up in flames, you will have your amuunition safe in your liberty gun safe. This gets you rid from the headache of getting an insurance for the gun safe. Not only this, if you are not satisfied by what we are saying about their safes, then you can always go and check their online account which has proper videos that shows the workers hammering and putting their safes on fire. If this doesn’t break it, than nothing will. The company has a long legacy of providing safes and they are doing so because they know how to keep their customers happy. Liberty gun safes come with proper warranty and they will have you covered for life. That’s right, covered for life. Anything happens to your safe, any type of manufacturing defect will be covered by the company to give you your gun safe back in the right condition. Be it break-ins, fires or other mishap that had led to the destruction of your Liberty gun safe, the company will come at your house and repair it. They also have a policy where if your gun safe cannot

    The Do’s For Printing Door Hanger

    October 12, 2016
    Door hangers have been a part of marketing world since a long time. They are a perfect way to acquire the attention of the target clientele if you approach them with the right design and concept. It is very easy to make a custom hanger design, but you need to take a look at these essential tips first. Consider these before you commence designing your door hangers. Make it precise Make sure your door hanger has a focus to intensify the impact they have on clients. It is a perfect way to promote a specific product or service and draw your target audience for an upcoming event. If you’re working on branding, then door hangers are the best bet, but make sure you focus on the right thing. Make it colorful The theme, design should ring with your present branding, but if you don’t have any idea of door hangers, then make sure you hire professionals for your assistance. Colors gran the attention of every single being, so ensure you invest in full-color printing to get the best possible quality. Do not forget to use variety- like darks, lights and contrasts! Coat your design A reliable printing company will possess the needed technology to coat the design and paper they have used to make your door hangers. Though it will add to the price, but the lustrous shine will be worth the price. The aqueous coating works as a protection layer and helps in longer lasting. Look for a repute and reliable printer Even though your design may be efficient, but a poor printing job will ruin your chances to amplify your advertisement and promotions. Do not allow a discounted printing job hamper your image. 55 printing possess all the expertise and equipment to come through for you for top quality printing.

    Establishing Proper Hygiene For Your E-Mail List

    October 7, 2016
    Proper e-mail list hygiene might seem like just a detail of little importance, but in fact it can bring you more benefits than you’d suspect. The first step is getting a trusted e-mail list verification service – if you don’t know any yet, you might want to try It will help you to clear out your e-mail list and get the most out of your e-mail program. Still, there are a number of other helpful tips that you can follow. By reading on to learn more, you can get rid of all the invalid and non responsive e-mail addresses on your list once and for all! Don’t Buy a List From a Third Party Vendor Buying e-mail lists from third party vendors allows for a few short term benefits, but is not recommended over the long haul, for a variety of reasons. The file that you purchase will typically contain a few helpful leads and a host of inactive accounts. These lists tend to place you in the inboxes of people who are not looking for the goods and services you are providing and this means that you will be sent to their spam folder expeditiously. Get Rid of Accounts That Are Not Linked To A Person All of the role accounts on your list need to be removed as quickly as possible. If the account is info, support or abuse related, this is a sure sign that it needs to be removed from your e-mail list yesterday. In all likelihood, these role accounts are not opting into your list on their own, so remove them from your list as quickly as possible. Seek Out Your Invalids and Bounces While the majority of e-mail systems will remove hard bounces within two failed attempts, it is in your best interests to make sure that your account is set up to do so. By ignoring the repeated bounces, you are negatively impacting your company’s metrics and causing your delivery rates to dwindle. If you are sending continuous messages that receive zero engagement, this is a sign that you need to remove your inactive accounts. Examine Your Engagement Metrics If you are confused about how to find out more about which accounts on your e-mail list are inactive or non responsive, take time out to consult with your engagement metrics, as they will allow to find out more about who is actually engaging with your correspondences and who is sending them straight into the spam folder or even their trash bin. You can also find out how many people have unsubscribed from your e-mails. Double Opt Ins One of the best ways to make sure that your subscribers have opted in and are fully on board with receiving your message is by requiring a double opt in. This keeps e-mail recipients from opting in by mistake and opting out when they realize that your messages do not cater to their specific needs. Finding out who truly wants your e-mails helps you whittle

    What Are Locked Phones? Learn About It!

    October 6, 2016
    Locked Phones Major carriers lock their prepaid phones. The only exception has been Vodafone. In Australia two types of SIM locks are commonly employed — network lock and service provider lock (SP lock). That means only SIM cards issued by the carriers will work with their respective phones. CDMA phones are permanently locked for all practical purposes because your mobile number is programmed into the phone. A few years ago, call rates of prepaid were relatively higher than their counterparts in post-paid plans. However, in recent years they have become cheaper. For most carriers, call rates change with the amount you recharge. Higher the recharge amount, lower the call rates. Remember: Per-second billing applies only for standard calls. Most carriers offer special call rates or free time where per-second charging does not apply. If you are a high user, such as a business user, where you have to make calls to different networks at different times of the day, you may save a lot if you go on per-second charging. Recharge Amounts/ Credit Validity Period The validity of credit varies with carriers and can last from one month to a year with most carriers. Most carriers make you recharge with higher amounts for longer expiry dates. Credit Rollover The answer depends on which carrier you are with. In other words, existing credit does not roll over. However, if you are with Vodafone or 3, your existing credit rolls over to the new expiry date. Existing credit is not lost as long as you recharge before the expiry date. Checking Balance Does you carrier tell you the balance and expiry date whenever you recharge? Does your carrier charge you for checking the balance? Almost all carriers tell you the balance when you recharge and do not charge you a cent for checking the balance. The only exception is Virgin. Voicemail Voicemail involves two components — deposits and retrievals. Most carriers will give you free deposits, but charge you for retrievals. Some charge you for both. For many prepaid customers, voicemail is not important because they just turn their voicemail off. Trivia Have you memorised your mobile phone number? Many people suffer from memory lapse when you ask them their mobile phone number. This phenomenon is especially noticeable in people who recently obtained their mobile number and didn’t have time to commit the number to memory. Is there any way of knowing your mobile phone number other than by memorising it or carrying it on a piece of paper? No. Despite technological advances, there is no simple way to find your mobile phone number. One way to find it is call a friend and get the number from his call records. You still need to write it down or try remembering it. Another option is store this number into your phone book. That is, whenever you obtain a new mobile number, you should add a contact in your phone book called “Me” along with the phone number. That way, you can always

    It’s A Two-Way Game: How UX Design and SEO Reinforce Each Other

    September 30, 2016
    It’s amazing how far we’ve come in building a virtual world—and the most exciting part is that this is just the beginning. Technology has proven to be an effective catalyst for stronger connections and better ways of communication. We’ve seen through the wonder that is the World Wide Web that a lot of things are more achievable now than ever. We are privileged with an almost unlimited access to information. Search engines have brought the power of knowledge right to our doorstep, and many of us are harnessing this power to improve both our personal and professional lives. The Internet contains an extensive database of information that no individual can consume even if he or she lives for a hundred years. This database is collected, collated, and neatly presented to us by search engines like Google, YouTube, and Yahoo. These search engines serve as gateways to knowledge—it is through them that we unlock content. The way search engines present data is a science on its own. Two elements, namely search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX), are used as metrics for search engines to identify which contents are the most relevant and user friendly. They ultimately decide which websites get the most exposure and which get buried in the noise. UX and SEO—what exactly are they? Many people are under the impression that these two stand alone, but is that really the case? Are UX and SEO better taken separately, or are they two elements that should go hand in hand? Understanding UX and SEO SEO and UX design are two concepts that are not hard to understand. SEO is about optimizing a web page so that it is embedded with search elements like keywords, meta tags, and descriptions that allow visitors to find the page easier. It works for the sake of page ranks on search engine results pages (SERP). UX, on the other hand, is about telling a story, meeting emotional intelligence and curating content that is relevant to visitors. UX is an indispensable part of the web development process, while SEO is more like a footnote that is added when everything else is in place. UX and SEO on the Same Ground Contrary to what some web designers and SEO specialists believe, UX design and SEO work hand in hand. They are both geared towards the same goal: to drive an effective content marketing campaign that attracts users and makes them stay. UX design guarantees the quality of the content in a web page. Its main function is to make sure that visitors stay and make a transaction. This can be in the form of an email subscription, a purchase or just a loyal readership. A UX design should appeal enough to visitors for it to be effective. As a Moz guide explained, “[User experience] provides an indirect but measurable benefit to a site’s external popularity, which the engines can then interpret as a signal of higher quality…. Crafting a thoughtful, empathetic UX helps ensure that

    How To Earn A Living With Contentmart

    September 28, 2016
    One of the most leading content providing platforms like ContentMart is which are completely rely on content writing. As a client, you can easily find lots of freelance and quality writers here and hire the most eligible content writer for your project. As a content writer, you may also find lots of writing jobs from ContentMart and also you can earn a good income on daily basis with this site. If you didn’t try this site, it’s great time to try this website. In order to get daily basis work, the ideal place is on freelance writing job portals like Contentmart. Many online marketers visit at content mart and find writers who will write content for them. Contemtart is one of the best platforms for content. It only focuses on the content not other services. Many sites like Upwork, Elance and Guru give other services. If you would like to earn good income on this site quickly, you need to increase the bid on projects daily. Several people admire the value of the contents adequately that they are ready to pay $20. Obviously, you may find clients who would like to get articles for INR 60 each. You should only avoid them and keep seeking for clients who know the importance & value of content. For a content writing task on the site, a client can simply place their order. The writers will start bidding on the project and after that the customer gives the order to the suitable writer after talking with them. The writer should provide the articles are delivered according as per the wishes of the customer. The client will pay once he is satisfied with the quality of the articles. The client may deny and reject poor quality content. This feature of this portal assists to provide good quality articles and contents along with attaining the freelance writers and web content copywriters. Due to its several Indian freelance writers from all walks of good reviews and life, the site has been growing quickly. It is a well known fact that the amount of writing jobs is increasing day by day. This is great news for writers in India. If you would like to earn more in this field, then you need to include dedication and discipline in your schedule. You need to give work on deadline to get more work opportunity from same client. You should focus only quality because poor quality can lose the client and trust as well. So, it is very necessary to give work with good quality and within the deadline. This way, you can make strong profile on the contentmart and get many projects from other clients.

    3 Measures To Increase The Security Of Your Web Development Projects

    September 27, 2016
    Imagine this: You’re tasked with developing a PHP web application for a fast-growing startup. You spend months writing code and going back and forth with the client’s project manager to get their approval. After 4-6 months, you complete 90% of the work, and just need to add finishing touches before you deliver the final product and see your bank account fill up. But one night, as you sip a warm cup of coffee while working on the last part of the project, something goes wrong. The web application page returns a 404 error. You think you entered in the wrong URL, or made another mistake. You try everything, but nothing works. In the end, you discover that the server and database (hosting your web application) were hacked. All your hard work goes down the drain. You browse the internet to see if there’s an escape, but all you find is stories of web developers who lost their project data to adversaries because they didn’t take any measures to increase the security of their web development projects. While certain aspects of the project are destined to fall through the cracks, you can take a few steps to keep your web development endeavors secure from adversaries. Below are 3 measures you can take. Backup Your Data It’s essential to create a backup of the data stored in your database and server. You can use a cloud backup service as well as store the data on an external hard disk. Remote data recovery services are available for web developers who’ve already suffered data hacks and losses. Such solutions bring back the data that’s not recoverable through normal commands and provide the fastest option in an emergency situation for projects which are still ongoing but have experienced data loss due to hacks, corruption or error. Use Server Side Sessions & Don’t Keep User Data On Front-End When you’re managing a web development project, it’s likely that you’re using sessions. Make sure to use server side sessions instead of client side sessions. If you’re not aware of which sessions are being used, check the cookie for the apps domain. If you can see any identifiable details, modify them immediately. Identifiable information is an eye candy for hackers as it helps them to get into your system. Also, don’t keep user sensitive information on the front end; the less you reveal about your project’s underlying structure, the better. Work on Projects with Encrypted Connections Whether you’re working from the premises of your office or from your mobile office, always use encrypted protocols like SSH to validate the security of the resources you’re going to access, using OpenSSH and other verifiably secure tools. That’s because with weakly encrypted connections or unencrypted connections, like HTTP and FTP for websites, you can be a victim of network sniffing and man-in-the-middle attacks. Once your login credentials are compromised by an adversary, he/she would be capable of doing anything you’re able to do. With these 3 measures, you’ll dramatically improve the security

    9 Services That An Efficient Web Design and Development Company Should Provide

    September 24, 2016
    There are many reasons why one might require the need of an effective, efficient and professional web designing and development company. Web companies in Lebanon¸ in particular, are increasingly being known for providing quality services at affordable and economical rates. As such, there are guaranteed to be countless reasons why one might want to avail their services. But while many people are aware about basic website designing and creation as potential services, they are not aware of all the other additional services that a web design and development company actually should be providing to its potential customers. As such, they are not able to take full advantage of the services that a web company should be offering to you. So on that note, here are 10 services you should be looking for in an efficient web designing and development company: 1) Content writing services: One of the most important service that you can avail from a web company includes content writing.  Contrary to popular belief, content writing is not an easy task. There are many different skills that are required to write online content. Be it proofreading grammar errors and running a spellcheck, ensuring that the content is SEO friendly, making sure it’s catered to your target audience, ensuring that there is a flow and rhythm or making it a certainty that no content is plagiarized, all of this needs to be kept in mind before writing content for a website. As such, hiring a web company for the same is advisable. 2) Video production services: Producing videos for the internet is also a task in and of itself. There are many different types of web videos that are produced for the internet. This include, but aren’t limited to, website promotional videos, website presentation videos, corporate web presentations, vlogs (video blogs) and even viral videos needed for viral marketing. Considering this, it’s important to avail the services of a web company that excels at video production as well. 3) Mobile application development: If you have a website, chances are you might want to get a smartphone application developed as well. Believe it or not, but there are web companies who actually offer mobile application development services to potential customers. And instead of you having to go to different companies to get all of these services, don’t you think it’s going to be an incredibly convenient option to get all of them from one single company? 4) Website maintenance services: Just having a nicely designed and functional website is not enough. In the long run, the website’s overall maintenance is important as well. And for your benefit, you should opt for website maintenance services from the same company that you choose for your website’s creation in the first place. As it happens, some of the best web companies around the world do just that. They offer website maintenance services that include, but aren’t limited to, updating content, fixing any recurring bugs, updating the site’s functionality on a regular basis and getting

    Define Unlocked Digital Marketing Services

    September 20, 2016
    The twist of corporate segment can be seen in Singapore nowadays. Various organizations have come into the photo in the most recent decade. This is the reason, a major advancement has been seen in the Digital Marketing industry in Singapore. Distinctive sorts of organizations have come into the photo, which give the Digital Marketing administrations to the organizations working in various fields. These organizations deal with various procedures of Digital Marketing. Aside from these strategies, there are some different administrations, which are offered by the organizations. These administrations likewise have the real part in the Search Engine Optimization process. This is the reason, the aforementioned organizations chip away at alternate administrations remembering the Digital Marketing necessities. Give us a chance to have a brief take a gander at the systems and the accommodating administrations being offered by the Digital Marketing Agency Singapore of the date. Third party referencing: Link building is the real procedure in the Search Engine Optimization process. The hyperlinks are worked over the prevalent expressions about the items or administrations that are frequently sought by the general population on web crawlers. These expressions are named as catchphrases. The watchwords add to the composed substance. Content Writing and Posting: webpage location and off-webpage substance is composed that is useful in raising the positioning of the site. The on location substance is posted over the business site, and this substance incorporates page substance, item or administration depiction and site blog. Then again, we can check articles, online journals, Press Releases, audits and classifieds as off-website content. The catchphrases for third party referencing are included this off-site content. Video Submission: Videos of documentaries, presentations and addresses are presented on educate individuals regarding the items alongside the depiction that may likewise go about as the composed substance. This likewise assumes a decent part in internet searcher positioning. PPT Submission: The PowerPoint presentations are likewise submitted over various sites alongside the writings and watchwords with hyperlinks, which is one of the best sources in the SEO procedure. Infographics Submission: Infographics are the representation loaded with data. These Infographics are additionally presented over various sites on raise the perceivability of the sites over the web indexes. Social Media Optimization (SMO): Social Media Optimization otherwise known as SMO can be taken as the piece of Digital Marketing administrations or it can be a standalone procedure. The online networking sites, for example, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are broadly well known to spread the data among the masses, and they have turned into the best sources to give information about the items or administrations to countless. The stuff posted over the online networking sites is likewise useful in raising the web index positioning. Website Design and Development: The site outline and advancement is required to get the online nearness. The configuration of the site is additionally exceedingly in charge of the web search tool positioning. A large number of the Digital Marketing organizations additionally give Web Designing Services Singapore and advancement administrations, and they attempt

    10 Things Every Web Designer Should Be Able To Do In Their Sleep

    September 19, 2016
    Web designing is one technology where the there is no full stop. There are new developments happening on this front practically every day. However‚ there are some things associated with web designing that form the core or the basic of the designing process. These are the things that every web designer learns at the very onset of their web designing journey and they continue to do them even today. Only an expert web designing company can tell you how to design at your best. Want to know what are the 10 things that every web designer should be able to do even in their sleep? Well‚ here goes: Backup And Package Files: You are wrong if you believe that backup and packaging of files happens automatically on every website. It is a crucial step to prevent data loss. If your website does not work smoothly‚ the information and crucial data that is stored on it is at a major risk. Know how to save and backup files and more importantly know where the files are stored in the website. Packaging files helps in keeping other things associated with the content such as fonts and images in one place. You can send them anywhere easily and securely. Putting Design Ideas On Paper: When you explain a website design to your client‚ most of the times they might not be on the same page as you. You must provide an outline or a design sketch to give them an idea of what to expect. This is where sketching comes in. It does not matter if you don’t sketch like a pro but the lines you draw on the paper must make sense and help in creating a connection with clients. Using The Same Framework For Various Projects: Many web designers do it so you should not hesitate to use a common design framework to give shape to all your projects. This can save you time as you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Speaking Like a Techie: Know what is trending in the website designing arena. What is the lingo being used currently. Speak to clients in the design language. If you can make an impression here‚ the road ahead will be easy. Basic Coding: Even if you are a web designer living under a stone for some time now‚ reading and editing basic HTML is something you will never forget. The same goes for substituting CSS styles. For web designers these website design language form the core of their expertise. Editing Images: Basic sizing‚ cropping and making photos and images ‘look good’ are tasks that should come naturally to website designers. You might have worked with them for days and weeks on end in the past. So even if you have been away from real activity for some time‚ you should be able to edit photos with ease. Making Prints: Not in the literal sense‚ but when you are creating a website you must know how to create print-ready

    Ways To Avoid Falling In Technical Debt

    September 17, 2016
    Nowadays, it is quite important for you to get out of the jungle of technology debt, but hardly anyone can do that. There are mixed reviews associated with technology debt. For some, it is good, but for most of the people, this is going to be a bad decision, to stick to. If you have taken money for the growth of technical side of your business, and now cannot pay it back proficiently, then there are high chances that you might be going through a serious condition of debt. It is during such instances, when you have to look for some ways, which can prevent you from falling into such pitch, from the very first place. Avoid being in debt You can only get rid of debt by not being a part of it. For that, you have to consult expert for some help. Well, you might have to take help of loaned money, at one point of time or the other, mostly when you are trying to be a part of business. If you cannot, then it becomes a crucial point for you to establish your work properly. But, you must always take the amount, which you are capable of repaying, on time. While taking loan, you will be given detailed information about the interest rates and the amounts, involved in it. Calculate the amount first It is always important for you to calculate the amount, even before you plan to take any of it. Once you have calculated the amount, it will be easier for you to handle the loan matters thoroughly. Moreover, you should only sign for the amount, which you are capable of paying. After checking out the loan, start calculating the interest rates. At the end of you time span, what will be the final amount? Will it be only the interest rate plus loan, or added with any hidden costs? Be sure of these points, before coming to a decision. Look for the security means Most of the time, secured loans have less interest rate. Here, you have to present an expensive item from your ide to the lender as collateral security means. If you cannot pay the amount on time, then the item will be taken by the lender, and they have every right to work on it. Now, when it is about unsecured loan, the interest rate is always towards the higher side. Here, you might not have to pay anything as security means, but have to pay higher rate of interest, at the end of time payment. Ask experts for their guidance Is this the first time, when you are trying to take loans? If so, then you are utterly confused with so many different types of loan structures. To get in touch with the best package, it is vital for you to learn more about the loans. Once you have research thoroughly for the loan, it will be easier for you to handle the case. Today, things are not as

    Bringing DevOps And Technical Debt Out Of IT Department

    September 17, 2016
    Whenever you look for any company offering smooth digital experience to customers which lead to higher satisfactory rate, then it is vital to learn more about operational framework and infrastructures. These sectors are mainly put into place for making this service more feasible. During such instances, you might have to learn more about the importance of DevOps, which will act as an integral part for the firms, for maintaining status as industry leader. DevOps is mainly termed as a team, which is hardly used outside the field of IT departments. Then, why is it gaining such a big popularity, these days? For finding the answer, going through the entire article is mandatory. Integrating the operational team In a layman’s term, this DevOps helps in integrating operational team and developmental ones for managing the systems automatically. It helps in allowing you with some few improvements and features, to be deployed in a quick manner. It further helps in addressing some new improvements and features with some competitive edges. For implementing DevOps as your finest strategy, you have to work on acute problem recognition and learn the importance of flexible solutions, related to the team involved over here. There are various forms of interesting panels, readily available for your approach. Working together for better response Well, as the operations and developmental tams are working together and learning from one field to another, you will come across some large scale benefits associated with DevOps, over here. It helps in currently increasing the speed of delivery service and reduces the developmental strategies. The same field helps in working on the operation costs. The same strategy can help you to detect the problems early and offer flexibility for innovation, as per the demand goes. These are some of the interesting panels, waiting for you to enjoy, over here. Focus while working with DevOps There are some points, which the developers need to work on, while focusing towards DevOps. These sessions are mainly associated with financial sector. The DevOpsinitiatives needs to go beyond the traditional IT functionality. However, the focus should be on ways to improve client or customer experience. You need a proper support and backup plan for the initiative, currently from the CIO and non-IT sponsorship for executing the approaches of the resources. As financial institutions are early IT adopters, so they are clearly working with some legal codes. If you are looking to work with the complexity of legal codes, then it might dampen the unique features of DevOps, to a little bit. Cultural change is mandatory too From the aforementioned points, it can be clearly stated that for keeping DevOps effective, it is not only your IT knowledge for help, but you need to be aware of the cultural changes within firm, as well. DevOps helps in covering up more than just the field of technical debt. It might follow the same pattern for accepting the technical debt management section, over here. If you want to learn anything about debt consolidation loans,

    Help From CFO To Leave Technical Debt Behind

    September 17, 2016
    How can CFO help in leading their company away from the field of technical debt? For the first step, you have to work on quick definition on present bad business technical debt. This is the way of using money and resources for your products. However, this monetary investment will not help in improving the value of your product in lasting way. It will not even help in improving the chances of getting your market quicker for some of the futuristic projects. Bad technical debt might come across from some projects with higher supportive costs, which will again consume technical budget. Areas to find technical debt There are some particular areas of your business areas, where you will come across technical debts. It can be found in end of life systems, in areas with little investment plans and in multiple systems, which help in managing the same old data. You can even find technical debt in aftermath of acquisition and areas, where you will find poor alignment between business and technology. A CFO needs to be aware of these places first, before working on current technical debt. The strong tie over here lies between CIO and the current business leaders, to ensure that your firm is said to make proper investments in right places. First point to consider To ensure that you make proper investments, it is vital to align the business and IT in a proper panel. For that, you need a group, within your organization, working on catalogue projects within your firm. They must know the targeted audiences, who will be directly impacted with this change and what systems can interact with their plans. They must even need to be aware of the purpose of this said plan. This can further help in allowing you to keep the investment of companies in line with one another. Focus of a CFO It is the duty of a CFO to work on the company’s investment strategy. Here the focus lies towards actual impact and not on any short term survival list. To ensure that your firm is moving towards proper direction, the CFO must know that the investment is not just for avoiding a system to crash; but to increase value of company and customers. If you ever come across the vicious cycle of avoiding system failure by spending a lot, then you must require a way to get out of this shackle ad onto actual path of growth. Partnering with other executives This seems to be the easy way to get rid of technical debt of any company. Here, the main debt ridden firm needs to come in partnership with another firms, for minimizing the on-premise advantage and take cloud actions. This high cost is required for maintaining hardware and software on premises systems, which is quite the worth of trouble, you need to undergo. Working with the cloud can further help in reducing the support costs, and stay ahead in this competitive market. If you want to learn anything

    Reserve A Premiere Domain Name For Your Business Today

    September 8, 2016
    There are a thousand things for the new business owner to get busy on. One of them will certainly be setting up your new official company website. The sooner you get your site up and running, the sooner you will be able to begin making your existence known to the international public. One of the ways to get your website online faster is to make sure that you purchase a domain name that you can put to use right away. It’s A Good Idea To Take Your Time When Choosing Your Domain Name When it comes time to reserve domain name services for your new official company website, there are a number of very important details to keep in mind. To begin with, naming your new domain shouldn’t be a matter of two or three seconds’ worth of inspiration. On the contrary, your new domain name should be the culmination of plenty of soul searching and reflection, especially insofar as your potential “brand” is concerned. The name that you choose for your domain should not only describe your business but should also enhance your personal brand. Why Does Your Domain Name Need To Perfectly Match Your Website? When cooking up a domain name for your website, you should always keep in mind that the two need to be as close together in content as possible. For example, if you are the owner of a company that sells fresh eggs straight from the farm, your domain name ought to reflect this as surely as the content of your website will. By keeping all of your various goods and services under a tight conceptual rein, you will have a much easier time when it comes to “branding” your reputation as a member of that industry. Where Can You Go To Get The Best Deal On A New Domain Name? When it comes to getting the best possible deal for your dollar, there are a number of excellent vendors on the Internet. Of course, there are also a great many frauds and fly by night operations, so it’s an excellent idea to check around in order to make sure that the company that interests you is on the level. The company you deal with ought to be able to guarantee that the domain name you choose is not in use or being specially reserved for use at a later time. Any company that considers themselves worthy of your time, attention, and money ought to be able to furnish you with plenty of proof that they will actually do the work they say they will. For example, they should be able to show you their certificates and other qualifications from the state. They should also be able to give you examples of work that they have done for other clients in the past. Finally, if need be, they should be able to furnish you with excellent suggestions when it comes to picking your domain name.

    Good Diet With Rowing Machine

    September 7, 2016
    Every physical activity requires good amount of stamina and diet. The Rowing machine activity would require a good diet in order to have a healthy and peaceful workout. A proper diet workout could give good results compared to a powerful workout. A balanced diet is very much essential while working out on a rowing machine, as it utilizes every part of the body to complete one stroke or one bit of the exercise. There are plenty of things to consider before planning a proper diet. Good Nutritional Diet Rowing machineburns lot of calories in a short span of time and it requires a great amount of strength and stamina to perform one stroke. A proper nutritional diet is essential, as we tend to digest our food quiet easily. A good nutrition can have a direct effect on the performance and results could vary according to the diet. Nutrition is not considered so important among general individuals, but it should be planned in a discipline and should be followed to have a healthy workout. Plenty of fluids before and after workout A golden rule for sports and fitness oriented people. Plenty of fluids can save you from many things, water acts as a savior during your regular workout in rowing machines. Some of the best Rowing machines takes minimal energy to burn calories and a lot of fluids would come out of the body in the form of sweat. When there is no balance of energy and fluids, people tend to faint and lose excess energy while working out. A good balance of fluids not only gives physical energy, it also boosts our brain to work out more. Alcohol and beverages Alcohol and beverages are definitely a NO during workout. Consuming alcohol and beverages after the session is also not advisable, as it makes you lazy. Alcohol gives excess calories and most of the sides are filled with carbohydrates. One session of alcohol and un-hygienic sides could ruin a week workout, as it gives back the calories, which has been burnt. It is advisable to inform and take consent from your instructor, as the regime could change depending on the diet you have consumed in the last few days. NO Oil and NO Sugar Try to avoid sugar as much as possible and avoid oil completely, as both are not considered as a nutritional diet. Oil and sugar could affect your lungs and the lungs take a major role in breathing. Breathing is one of the important aspect while working out, as every stroke requires a flawless breath to maintain consistency. Most of the junk foods come with excess oil and bottle of soda, both oil and soda can be considered as junk and fills your stomach out of nowhere. Regular intake of hygienic supplements Our body would digest food in a short span of time naturally. A body which has worked hard would digest food quickly and it is important to provide hygienic supplements consistently to avoid being tired. A

    Important Information On Fingerprint Gun Safes You Must Know

    September 7, 2016
    Earlier, wood was the material used to build gun safes. The safety aspect became a serious concern over a period of time and it paved the way for the arrival of advanced safes with a wide range of security options. Today, you can find a wider range of gun safes like fingerprint safes, combination locks and electronic locks as well. Nobody would like to compromise on security when it comes to choosing a safe and that is exactly where the importance of fingerprint gun safes or biometric gun safes comes in. Rigorous Testing Process and Great Storage Facility Trusted manufacturers conduct rigorous testing before a gun safe being released on the market and it is being done to offer maximum security for the clients. Best biometric safes always allow you to store all types of valuable assets including guns, cash, jewelry and other important documents and, the light weight nature of these safesmakes them highly portable. Best Security and Fingerprint Scanning You can keep your personal belongings in a high quality safe without worrying about being stolen because it comes with a super thick steel construction and a highly dynamic biometric scanner can be found on this device. You do not have to carry any keys if you purchase a biometric safe and it opens after scanning your fingerprints. Various fingerprint gun safe reviews clearly suggest that some models scan only one finger while some others scan 4 to 5 fingers simultaneously before allowing the user to open the safe. Two Step Process and Multiple Users As mentioned earlier, the first step is to verify the identity by scanning the fingertips and this process is performed with the help of an optical or thermal scanner that is fitted into the lock. The second step is to input an authorization code that works as an added security to keep your belongings extremely safe. You can program a select group of fingerprints to allow multiple users or family members and grabbing the firearm or other valuable possessions in an emergency situation becomes a hassle free process with biometric gun safes. Some of the models available in the market contain both fingerprint scanner as well as combination keys and, these versions offer multiple access points for the users. Digital Keypad and Integrated Light According to reliable fingerprint gun safe reviews, you can find a digital keypad on these types of safes and they will open within a few seconds when you make successful entry using biometric scanner. In order to support nighttime use, an integrated LED light is available as well. Top Opening Design and Pre-drilled Mounting Holes Some fingertip gun safes come with a top opening design and they can be described as the ideal choice for desk drawers. Certain models also contain pre-drilled mounting holes on the body and this feature ensures convenient installation. Price of different Models Like any other product, you can find a wide range of products with varying features and price and, you have to choose the

    The Fact Of Muay Thai Camp In Thailand and Losing Weight

    September 6, 2016
    Some people may have heard about this, but in any case it is good to highlight this fact again – Muay Thai training and weight loss are connected. When you begin taking Muay Thai training classes in a camp, you will soon witness that there is significant loss weight progress. In addition, your muscles will become well-shaped and stronger. There is no doubt that you will eliminate a tremendous amount of calories with every Muay Thai training class you take and by expanding your muscles and activating every muscle group you will also speed up your metabolism. The reason for these effects is very simple – muscle tissues need additional calories compared to fat tissue. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will start dropping weight automatically once you begin with Muay Thai training classes. On the contrary, you can also maintain your weight in case you are satisfied with it. The fact is that Muay Thai training camps in Thailand have professional trainers that will work closely with you to find the right diet for your fitness goals. In case sculpting your muscles and body and regulating your weight are your primary goals then the trainer will recommend the foods that you must consume and the exercises you should put your focus on. So, with Muay Thai training, you will get an intense workout that eliminates many calories. Keep in mind that Muay Thai training is not boring and linear. It can’t be compared to the use of treadmill or doing push-ups all the time. This training that will enhance your health quickly combines mild, moderate and intense exercises. In other words, you will get something like interval training. This kind of training eliminates calories much faster and helps you achieve your fitness goals fast. During the training period, you won’t be focused on this because you will be concentrated on the movements. So, you won’t count how many push-ups you’ve done – you will simply keep being active. Thanks to Muay Thai training you will get all sorts of fitness training in just one class. The best class is Suwit Muay Thai and many programs . Every individual needs at least four kinds of physical training. First of all there is strength training which strengthens the muscles and prevents bone issues. After that, there is cardio training which is obviously focused on the health of our heart and maintains adequate levels of energy. The next type of training is balance training good for maintaining balance and finally, flexibility training which keeps us safe from injuries. Muay Thai provides all these forms of training, helping people become stronger, healthier and faster. Muay Thai is a sport and martial art that relies on hands, feet, knees and elbows. Muay Thai training includes complex exercises which include literally every body part. In order to reap the benefits of Muay Thai training you will need to be disciplined and focused. Thanks to the help of the trainers who work in these camps,

    The Key Features Of The Best Online Help Desk Software

    September 5, 2016
    Various companies of all shapes and forms are considering the integration of CRM, as such software enables a sales department to retain existing clients and attract new ones with little to no effort. It is worth noticing that settling on a certain CRM solution is quite difficult, as the market for automation is oversaturated with CRM systems that are equipped with somewhat similar automation tools. However, bpm’online is CRM vendor that truly stands out and has established itself on the international IT market as a premium provider of cloud based CRMs The Popularity of Cloud based CRMs CRM in cloud is widely recognized for its ease of use, as it has a lot of automation tools to automate the tiniest aspect of each business process in your company. However, what really makes CRM in cloud dazzle is that this solution will not break your bank, as small startups and huge enterprises will be able to afford it. That is why, SaaS model is more preferable among small and medium enterprises in big cities where competition for a client is so high. Moreover, cloud solution is able to increase the productivity of all the departments in your company that deal with customers, reducing expenses on the IT infrastructure. There is a reasonable argument as to why any forward-thinking business owner should deploy CRM in cloud like bpm’online CRM. First of all, you save a lot of money, as you do not have to buy your own servers. Also, you save on fixed charges on CRM’s maintenance and  software update. The software handles these tasks with little to no effort: Secure data backup Implementation of trouble-free performance of the system 24/7 Complete integration with any required applications Cost-effective employees’ training Cloud SaaS solutions make it possible to pay only for these services, which you use. If you feel that you need additional functions of CRM in cloud or, on the contrary, some modules are not required, you can contact your provider, bpm’online for instance, and they will customize the cloud software to meet your expectations and specific requirements. Business Processes Automation with CRM in Cloud Progressive CRM in cloud developed by bpm’online offers fine solutions for all business processes automation. Prospecting and customer acquisition The system his armed with tools for marketing automation, lead management and lead nurturing. This cloud software automatically records and transfers leads from your website or email lists, creates a new contact after each new incoming call from a potential client. Sales management With a top notch CRM in cloud, you can have a comprehensive view on a sales funnel – see how many deals are being processed at a particular time, what particular stages your leads are at and so forth. You can also track what commercial proposals are being developed right now for specific customers or a targeted audience and how many contracts have been successfully signed. With this tool, you can easily estimate productivity of every sales representative and a team overall. Loyalty management CRM

    Ready To Launch: Important Services For New Website Owners

    August 10, 2016
    There are many individual items in play when launching a website besides the notion of snagging a domain, setting up hosting, designing the site, filling content, and promoting the work. Going on behind-the-scenes and off to the side are services that keep the front-end moving along. The back-end needs services include: On-going design & development Tech support Advertising/marketing opportunities Content creation Sales & customer service You should see the website not as a portal for information but as a business; where different ideas and services come together to create a great experience for those visiting (and may intend to buy). Technical/Hardware Support Being able to pick up the phone and contact a local business/company that provides technical services that could have you back up and running with an in-person visit is far easier than aimlessly waiting to hear back from technician’s hours behind due to time zone differences. Example: The site and office hardware falls under a DDOS or equivalent attack. If I were in the area, I’d do a search for IT services in Ottawa and get the support I need right away. Place yourself in that scenario and see if you want to wait around as you’re losing money from the site and hardware being down (plus the financial repercussions if attackers gain access to your private data). On-going Design & Dev Times change and you’ll get the itch to make adjustments to your website as you see the competition try new strategies. Having an individual or team on board to aid in the design and development of the site should be in your rolodex. Example: I know that web design matters and one of the most important areas is the branding. Having someone that can quickly develop new designs, landing pages, capture forms, or experimental plugins can keep my brand in the spotlight and pressure on the competition. You may not need this individual or company at all times so consider working with a freelance client that’s flexible to your needs (check Freelancer, UpWork, oDesk, Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, or others). Advertising/Marketing Scaling the reach of the website will hit a point of difficulty when you begin competing with the larger influencers and players in your market. Example: PPC, email marketing, and social media campaigns are the bread and butter of building a brand & audience on the Web. A good percentage of your expenses should be spent on these services. Services are crucial because these areas require a massive understanding to which you may not have the time nor energy to pursue. It’s probably best you let the experts handle the technical and creative aspects of the advertising/marketing so you can remain focused on the products and services. Content Creation The base content (your typical blog posts and content that fills the main areas of the site) can easily be done by you or in-house help. It’s when you begin to expand and want to explore ebooks, video, podcasting, infographics, and interactive content that you may want to seek professional services. Example: I know I could

    Designed To Sell: An In-Depth Look At Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features

    August 10, 2016
    2016 marks an exciting time to start an online business. With real estate and overhead costs soaring for many small business owners, creating an eCommerce website offers a viable alternative to brick & mortar businesses that have to rely on traditional marketing as well as word-of-mouth tactics to get customers in the door. The eCommerce market grows year by year and is estimated to be worth $3.02 trillion in just three years. However, while you may be itching to start your online mom & pop store or boutique, there are a few essential components that can not only drive revenue but keep happy customers returning for more! Defined Branding According to The Atlantic, there were fewer than 3,000 websites online in 1994. By 2014, that number swelled to over 1 billion. That’s a 33-million percent increase in just one decade! With that in mind, it’s vital that online store owners make themselves stand out from the crowd. To accomplish this, you don’t need to be a digital soothsayer, but you’ll need to understand some basics of branding and design. You’ll need to brand and style your website in a way that makes a statement but doesn’t distract from the online shopping experience. Consider the tactics of major companies such as Adidas, The Gap, or Walmart. What do all these companies’ eCommerce sites have in common? They all display distinctive logos and color schemes. These fundamental visual elements implicitly cultivate an experience not completely dissimilar to real-world stores. Deals and Shipping Incentives Since digital consumers are inundated with countless stores, they’ll need some extra incentive to stick around and return for future orders. While you should prioritize on providing distinct, high-quality products, you should also consider how you’ll incentivize customers to check-out instead of abandoning their carts. That’s why all online store owners should routinely provide seasonal sales and shipping deals. If you’re using a major eCommerce platform such as Magento or Shopify, you can easily create a coupon code redeemable for a certain percentage or currency amount taken out of the customer’s final cost. Or better yet, offer free shipping! Even major companies like IBM experience upwards of 68% in cart abandonment, so it pays to keep your customers happy with these added offers. A Mobile-Friendly Version The internet has evolved drastically in the past few years. Along with a rapid increase in shoppers taking their business online, the number of customers using mobile devices may also be shocking to store owners. As of 2015, Internet Retailer found that a full 30% of online consumers were shopping from a mobile device. Just as you wouldn’t want to ignore a significant amount of foot traffic from entering your brick & mortar store, you wouldn’t want to limit online customers from having the best possible experience when shopping on your eCommerce site. Make sure your eCommerce store has a mobile version that’s easily navigable and can fit several different, yet common screens like those found in iPhone and Android phones as well
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