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    Can-Am Commander Motorcycle Air Intake Systems

    5 years ago
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    Can-Am Commander Motorcycle Air Intake Systems

    The Can Am Commander is an excellent all around UTV, and the release of the Can Am Commander X with its 976cc motor made the Commander a formidable performance UTV.  Still, for serious enthusiasts a few extra horses are absolutely necessary to stay ahead of the pack.  One of the weak points in the Commander’s design is the restrictive air intake, which demonstrates Can Am’s priority on keeping the vehicle quiet. For this reason, the addition of an air intake as one of the first Can Am Commander accessories is common among Commander owners.

    Airaid is one of the most well-known names in vehicle air intake systems, with literally thousands of filters, intakes and snorkel systems for most vehicles in the world.  The company has ventured into the UTV world in recent years, and their Commander system is one of the best air intakes that we have seen.  The AIRAID¨ / PJ Jones intake system is designed for the 1000cc Can Am Commander. This system offers superior filtration over the Commander’s factory intake and it is the simplest, least expensive way to get an extra 3-5 horsepower from the vehicle’s powerplant. The AIRAID¨system utilizes a copmletely unique air box design featuring a reversed hoodscoop with pre-filter.  This dual filter system adds a second layer of protection for the most complete air filtration system on the market. The reverse hood scoop pokes through the stock hood and provides cold air with a more direct route to the Commander’s engine.

    For many CAN AM COMMANDER owners, filtering the air is more important because of the environment that they operate in.  If you play in the mud or like to forge rivers, a snorkel system like Mud Industries Snorkel system will protect your engine from the incredible moisture that your vehicle is exposed to. Unlike other kits on the market, this kit does not require the cutting of the Commander’s fenders or hood to route the snorkel pipes.  The all 2″ kit comes with all materials necessary to snorkel the CVT inlet and outlet. This kit was on the only vehicle at the Mud nationals that did not blow a belt.  Its quality was proven with over 2 months of intense testing in the field.  For more snorkels and air filtration systems for the Commander and all other popular UTVs, visit

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